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Arc34 provides custom design and manufacturing solutions across a broad spectrum of industries. From product development to small scale production runs, we offer a set of core capabilities that allows us to service a wide range of custom requirements.

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Product Design.

Through the use of computer aided 3D modeling, photo realistic renders, and simulation analytics (thermal, mechanical and ingress protection), we will provide you with a detailed design that meets your product goals. In addition to software renders, Arc34 also utilizes advanced 3D printing and rapid manufacturing techniques to provide our customers with actual physical models during the design phase. This allows us to put a mechanically functional prototype in your hands before you spend capital on expensive tooling and machining charges.

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Software Integration & Design.

From software development to systems integration, Arc34 understands that being able to integrate a digital solution into a physical product is critical in today’s world. We have experience in everything from large enterprise system integration to embedded software development. Our focus is on using the language best suited to the solution. Some of our past solutions have used:

  • NET
  • LAMP stack
  • MEAN stack
  • Embedded (Wiring, C++, Luna)
  • Mobile (Objective C, Java, Swift)
  • Backend (SQL Server, Oracle, NoSQL DB’s)
  • AWS and Azure
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3D Printing.

Utilizing advanced 3D printing techniques, Arc34 is able to print production level components with the strength of metal. This allows us to build functional prototypes for a fraction of the cost and time normally associated with traditional product development. Check out our 3D Print Materials data ͞sheet to find out more about the specifications of our 3D print solutions.

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Arc34 offers a full range of subtractive and additive fabrication techniques to bring any idea into reality. Whether your project requires sheet metal fabrication, high precision CNC machining, specialized 3D printing or custom molding, we have the right tools to construct all aspects of your design. Your idea can be created out of a wide range of materials from plastics to exotic metals depending on project requirements. Unsure of what type of materials to use for your project? Our experts can recommend materials to meet your goals based on cost, mechanical properties and thermal characteristics.

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Finishing techniques are key to providing a professional look to your product. Arc34 offers several finishing techniques to give your completed solution the perfect look for both form and function. We offer full powder coating, anodizing, electro plating, painting, media blasting and engine turning services. Whatever your requirements, we can use our in-house services and strategic partners to ensure your project’s parts meet spec and look great.

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Small Batch Manufacturing.

Arc34 provides clients with small batch manufacturing capability. We are also partnered with larger, specialized companies to help manage large scale manufacturing runs when necessary. This partnership allows you to bring your product to market faster and at reduced cost, while still maintaining the ability to rapidly scale up to meet growing customer demand.

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